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12' Miter Buddy System #79R-12-M

12' Miter Buddy System

Single Miter Door Clamp & 12' Panel Clamp for medium size shop

Buddy System with Single Station Miter Door Clamp & 12' Panel Clamp

  • 26" x 62" Capacity Miter Door Clamp
  • Featuring JLT's Innovative Dial Control System for Precise Miter Joint Squaring
  • Includes (2) Horizontal and (2) Vertical Clamps
  • Precise Squaring of Stile and Rail Cabinet Doors too!!
  • 12' Panel Clamp including (30) 32" or 40" Taylor Clamps
  • Designed for the Custom Shop with Limited Space
  • Free Standing Clamping System with a Sturdy Design
  • 70 degree Convenient Working Position
  • A Versatile Clamping System for Edge Gluing a Variety of Woodworking Components
  • Complete 3 Year Warranty