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AWFS 2017 Show - Las Vegas, NV

Please join James L. Taylor Mfg, Cameron Automation, and JLT Clamps at AWFS 2017 in July at booth 7447. We will have many machines under power and running. Please scroll down for a full inventory of machines we will have on display.

Cameron Automation Skew Rip System.
We will have a Skew Rip System with 2 Moving Blade saw under power and ripping material for gluing during the show.

Cameron Automation Quick Chop.
Come watch our push feed chop saw, the Quick Chop, in action at our booth. We will be creating stock for gluing on our Semi-Automatic Clamp Carrier.

Taylor Clamps Semi-Automatic Clamp Carrier.
Our booth will feature a 10.5' Long, 6 Section Clamp Carrier with 40" Opening Clamps. This machine will feature a Pneumatic Panel Flattener with our Semi-Automatic Tightener.

Taylor Clamps 8 Section Miter Door Pro
We will be featuring our 8 Section Miter Door Pro featuring 8 #717A- Narrow Stile Miter Door Clamps; Our newest version of our extremely successful Door Clamp.

JLT Clamps 8' Buddy System
Featuring a 8' Panel Clamp with a 6' Door Clamp mounted on the back, our buddy system is a great space saver. Come see how a JLT Clamps Buddy System can save you money, time, and space in your Door Shop.

Drawer Clamp
Come see why the JLT Drawer Clamp is the best way to clamp Dovetail and Doweled Drawers. Stop in at our booth for a demo from one of our JLT Specialists and see how we can streamline your drawer box assembly.

Double Door Clamp
Need more production than a single stile & rail clamp can produce? Take a look at the JLT Clamps Double Door clamp which gives you the ability to clamp and square multiple stile & rail doors at one time. With a 36" x 97" capacity, and a removable center rail center rail, clamping and squaring interior doors becomes an easy task.

JLT Clamps 13" Wide Electric Roller Spreader
Precise and adjustable glue spread: The JLT Roller Spreader is equipped with a fully adjustable live doctor roll. The doctor roll spins in the opposite direction (from the glue roll) which provides a controllable even spread.