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Heavy Duty Drawer Clamp - #190B-M3

Heavy Duty Drawer Clamp

Pneumatic Drawer Clamp designed for Dovetail & Doweled Drawers


  • Newly designed heavy duty pneumatic drawer clamp.
  • Successful clamping & squaring for Dovetail & Doweled Drawer boxes.
  • 10" x 24" x 36" Maximum Capacity
  • Pneumatic Foot Pedal Operation
  • Dual Fast Acting Horizontal Pneumatic Clamps with a 2" Stroke.
  • Aluminum Side Pressure Plates Provide a Solid, Flat Clamping Surface
  • Quick Adjusting Roller Carriage Eliminates Set-up for Faster Changeovers
  • Produce up to 3000# of clamping force at 100PSI.

Optional Features:

  • 12" Wide Pressure Shoes
  • Larger Capacity 48" Opening
Drawer Box Angle View
Drawer Box Front View
190B Lever Valve
190B Handle