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JLT Products

JLT Clamps is the world leader in door and panel clamping machinery for small and large custom frame shops alike. Whether you are a cabinet maker, carpenter, or run engineered millwork, JLT can provide the stock or custom clamp system to make your job easier, improve your quality, and increase your productivity while cutting costs.

JLT Edge Gluing and Laminating

Machines for Clamping Panels and Laminations.

Successfully Clamp:

  • Flat Stock Panels
  • Butcher Block
  • Rails and Posts
  • Turnings
  • Top Profile Stock
  • Waste Recovery

Stile and Rail Squaring

Machines for Clamping and Squaring Stile & Rail Cabinet Doors.


  • Single Lever Valve Activation of the Clamp
  • Fast Acting 2 Second Clamping and Squaring of Doors
  • Multiple Designs for all of your Stile and Rail Cabinet Door Sizes
  • Single Units, Units Capable of Clamping Multiple Doors at a Time, and High Production Rotary Machines for any Size Shop
  • 100% Steel Construction

Miter Squaring

JLT Clamps builds machines for efficiently clamping and squaring mitered cabinet doors and frames.

JLT Miter Door Clamps Feature:

  • An Innovative Pneumatic Dial Regulator Air System for Precise Squaring of Miter Joints
  • 100% Steel Construction
  • Multiple Size Designs for Every Size Miter Door
  • Single Door Clamping Units and High Production Rotary Machines Available

JLT Buddy Systems

Combine your Edge Gluing and Laminating and your Door Clamping into one Machine with a JLT Combo Clamp Buddy System

Current Models include:

  • 8' and 12' long Panel Clamps
  • Stile & Rail and Miter Door Clamps

Increase Your Production and Take up a Smaller Footprint!!

Drawer Clamping

Machines for Clamping Dovetail & Doweled Drawer Boxes.

  • Simple and Easy to Use with Single Lever Valve and/or Foot Pedal Operation
  • Precise Squaring and Ample Clamping Pressure
  • Multiple Sizes to Fit Your Production Needs
  • Custom Sizes Available Upon Request

JLT Glue Application

Machines for Applying Glue.

Apply Glue To:

  • Stile and Rail Joints
  • Edges of Panel Stock
  • The Face for thicker Glue Ups

Stile Spreaders, Different Sized Plate Spreaders, and Roller Spreaders Available!!

Entry Door Clamping

Machines for Clamping Entry Doors.

  • Large Capacity, Heavy Duty Door Clamps for Man Sized Doors
  • Clamps Feature Heavy Duty Large Diaphragm Cylinders
  • Single Lever Valve Operation that is Simple to Use
  • 100% Steel Construction
  • Custom Sizes Available upon Request