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Taylor Return System for Wide Belt Sanders

Return Conveyor System / Wide Belt Sander


  • Three machine lengths return material up to 60", 84" long or 96" long.
  • 24" or 36" Rollers on return conveyors can handle up to 36" or 50" wide material.
  • All rollers are powered and individually clutched for long belt life.
  • Any Length Return (in one foot increments) composed of modular sections.
  • Minimum material size 1" x 6"
  • Drop away receiving conveyor gently transfers parts to cross conveyor.
  • Roller Spacing 3" center to center.
  • Photoeye triggers drop of receiving conveyor. A PLC adjusts the timing automatically based on conveyor speed.
  • Variable Speed AC drive matches conveyor feed rate to sander feed rate.
  • Powered Height Adjustment
Taylor Sander Return Conveyor
Taylor Sander Return Catch
Taylor Sander Return Outfeed
Taylor Sander Return Overall
Return Conveyor System / Wide Belt Sander